Frequently Asked Questions

Are you price competitive with other contractors?
When comparing BPC to other companies who also believe in the importance of quality and service, yes we are competitive. BPC has a standardized estimating system that is built on company production rates. We also have extensive hiring practices and employee benefits to make sure that the people we hire are quality people dedicated to outstanding service. We understand what it costs to deliver quality and that's why we take the extra steps to guarantee you get it.

How long have you been in business?
BPC has been open for business since 1999. However, the owner has been in the industry for over 20 years.

What range of jobs are you most proficient at?
We perform many different services at BPC, but we have one theory behind it all. That is to do it right, with the right people. Our constant training and supervision of all sites ensures the right job is done every time.

Why do you emphasize employee screening?
We measure the commitment to our customers through our high standards. Many of the jobs we are contracted to do require us to work in buildings or facilities where security is a primary issue. We offer our customers the peace of mind they require.

May we speak with some of your previous customers?
We strive for ultimate customer satisfaction on every job. Our systems produce “Raving Fans” in which our clients are our sounding board and do the selling themselves. We will gladly produce a list of names and contact numbers for you.

What makes you different from other contractors?
At BPC we have separated ourselves from our competitors by not competing on price alone. Most contractors only compete price-wise, therefore not focusing on quality. The unfortunate reality is within 2 years 80% go out of business and within 5 years it's 98%. Therefore, we at BPC chose not to focus on low cost but instead on high quality, professionalism and superior service, as well as value through long lasting results.

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